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Kristin is a valued and trusted editor of my research materials. I am a busy PI with a large number of research staff. Kristin's expert feedback has helped streamline my time and increase productivity from my lab. Her skill and experience in quantitative data analysis make her invaluable as a reviewer and editor of my complex data and its supporting material. I highly recommend her services.
—Laura, Molecular & Computational Biologist

Kristin was absolutely invaluable in helping me edit my book manuscript. She went above and beyond my expectations, in terms of both the quality and timeliness of her work. What I appreciated most was that she quickly developed an understanding of my target audience, and how best to communicate to them in order to achieve my goals as a writer. She then easily picked up my arguments and made each of them stronger. Thank you, Kristin!
—Kenneth, Medical Anthropologist

Using Harper Health & Science Communications to copyedit my book proposal was a terrific experience. They were fast, incredibly knowledgeable, and helped whip the proposal into a professional document that was clear, concise and engaging. A contract was offered by the publisher, and the book is set to be published later this year. No doubt in part due to the help I got with the initial proposal.
—Deb, Biological Anthropologist

One of the biggest challenges of revising a book manuscript is not losing your voice as an author while navigating comments from publishers and reviewers. Working with Kristin made that challenge much easier, and the manuscript much better. Her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm never neglected to remain true to the voice of the project. Kristin's meticulousness and her eye for detail are always gracefully phrased, in a way that is both productive and constructive. Working with Kristin and seeing the manuscript transform was a real treat. With Kristin at my side I might even consider writing another book...
—Anat, Medical Anthropologist

I have known and worked with Kristin since March 2010. As an Israeli Post Doc at Columbia University, getting published is my main priority. This is not easy for me as English is my second language. I have frequently used her help to edit my manuscripts and grant proposals. I have benefited so much from having Kristin critique my professional documents. Even after going over my own work countless times, her detail-oriented, trained eye always catches things I missed. She’s professional and courteous in her feedback and is a great asset to have in your corner if you want to make your words sparkle. Kristin’s ability to push your writing to the next level, without crushing you in the process, is extraordinary, and precisely what I needed. I am looking forward to engaging her professional services again in the near future.
—Neomi, Cancer Epidemiologist
Over the past 10 years Kristin has edited manuscripts and grant proposals for me, all with positive outcomes. She always provides quality feedback very quickly. I wouldn’t consider submitting anything without having her edit it first.
—Alaine, Neurosurgery Specialist & Industry Consultant